"Restore" Sermon Series through the Book of Acts

There are many reality shows about restoring old homes. During a restoration, all of the changes made to a house are removed, it is taken down to the studs. Then, after necessary upgrades, the house is restored back to it's original glory. Imagine what it would look like if that happened to the church? What if we removed or stripped away all of the cultural add-ons, traditions and rituals placed on the church over the centuries, and the church is restored to it's original glory! This series will look at various parts of the Book of Acts and explore how as a body of believers, we can be restored to our original biblical glory!

16 Week Series

November 12

Now Wait: Acts 1:1-5

November 19

Share It: Acts 1:8-11

November 26

Empowered by Prayer: Acts 1:12-14, Acts 4:18-24

December 3

Heaven loosened: Acts 2:1-4

December 10

Staying on track: Acts 2:22-41

December 17

Better Together: Acts 2:42-47

January 7

Get Healed Acts 3:1-10

January 14

Everyone's Call: Acts 4:1-14

January 21

The Power of Giving: Acts 4:32-35

January 28

Is Restoration possible?: Acts 5:12-42

February 4

The ineffective Church: Acts 6:1-15

February 11

Leaders acting badly - Mature topic: Acts 6:8-14, Acts 7:1-60

February 18

Defeating Fear of Failure: Acts 8:1-19

February 25

Your Mission, should you accept it: Acts 8:26-40

March 3

Overcoming our prejudice: Acts 10:1-23


Defeating the Divide: Acts 11:19-30